Northwestern Indigenous Tour

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Welcome to the Northwestern Indigenous Tour, produced by the Northwestern Center for Native American and Indigenous Research. During this tour, you’ll visit fourteen landmarks on Northwestern’s campus and learn more about the past histories and present realities of Native peoples, places, and events and how they are tied to Northwestern University.

This tour will take approximately one and a half hours.

Senior Producer & Narrator Patty Loew

Associate Producer Stephan Moore

Assistant Producers Alex Schwartz Maddie Jarrard

Sound and Walking Tour Design Jeffrey Nils Gardner Sarah D. Espinoza

Location Producers Alva Chavez Emanuella Evans Madeleine Fernando Maddie Jarrard Tessa Kauppila Carlyn Kranking Janet Lee Braden Pomeranzt Luodan Rojas Peter Warren

Narration Jabbar Bennett Maggie Croft Jasmine Gurneau Jonathan Holloway June Thiele Caroline Watson

Special Thanks

Frank Bibeau Lois Biggs Chris Caldwell Doug Cox Alexander Danner Hannah Karzmer Violet Kuner Winona LaDuke John Low Kyle Malott Gary Morseau Fawn Pochel The family of Nelson Sheppo Only in Lapland Sound Collection Eli Suzukovich Avery Wallace Eliot Waldman Robert Wapahi-mani Dorene Wiese Wisconsin Public Television

Northwestern Center for Native American and Indigenous Research Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications Northwestern Sound Arts and Industries Program

Jeffrey Nils Gardner
Jeffrey Nils Gardner



The Echoes

Stop 1: Segal Visitor's Center

Directions to next stop: From the Visitors Center, walk south to Lakeshore path and east toward the …

Stop 2: The Lake

Directions to next stop: Continue Walking left on Lakeshore path and take a right across the bridge.…

Stop 3: Lakeshore Path

Directions to next stop: Head back over the bridge, go straight and the veer right on the path. Turn…

Stop 4- Wild Roots Garden

Directions to next stop: Head down the front stairs of Norris, going west (away from the lake). At t…

Stop 5- Maple Tree

Directions to next stop: Go north and west, away from the lake, towards the University Library. Go u…

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