Missing You - W&T 9.5

room 10 ECHOES

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

Missing You is an app-based audio walk created by artist and musician Danny Bracken. The walk invites listeners to traverse the streets of Ponta Delgada, Azores while listening to a collection of geolocated recordings produced by the artist near his home in Pittsburgh. Unable to travel to the Walk&Talk festival due to COVID-19, Bracken took a series of walks while playing guitar, using binaural recordings to evoke a sensation of walking alongside him as he plays. Ambient sounds of passing cars, humming air-conditioning units, and chirping birds conjure the environment in which these short musical gestures were created and map it onto an alternate landscape. Transportive and grounding, this place-based experience connects listeners with their surroundings on São Miguel while at the same time immersing them in the textures and rhythms of a place far away. Creating the simple impression of taking a walk with the artist, this work invites a small moment of human intimacy in a time of isolation and absence.

Headphones are highly recommended.

Audio recording by Erin Anderson All music by Danny Bracken Besides: "In The End" by Daniel Bracken Sr. "Wild Mountain Thyme" Irish / Scottish traditional And a section of lyrics from "Keep on the Sunny Side" by Ada Blenkhorn

Danny Bracken is a multidisciplinary artist working in Pittsburgh, US since 2008. His creative practice explores technological change and its impact on our perceptions and experiences of the people and places that surround us. These works often incorporate video, sound, and physical objects; ranging from public installations to small-scale sculptures, printed material to vinyl record releases. Born into a family of musicians, sound occupies a central role in Bracken’s work, and takes the form of film scores, installations, and stand-alone recordings.

This project was created for Walk&Talk 9.5 - an annual Arts Festival of the Azores.


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