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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Kensington Gardens was built in 1922 in the inter-war period as a public works project for unemployed men coming back from WW1. Much of the landscaping is from reused concrete, which shows that Lowestoft was into recycling before recycling became popular.

The Japanese inspired theme was popular at the time and reflected what Lowestoft thought looked oriental, even if a real Japanese visitor would look at the garden in puzzlement. Nonetheless Kensington Gardens, with its genteel Edwardian style, peaceful atmosphere and quiet nooks to sit and ponder, is lovely by any measure.

While you're here, please enjoy the Tea Room. There's nothing finer than a lovely summer day and sitting outside with a cream tea and watching the bowlers.

You can see more views of Kensington Garden throughout the years at http://www.lowestofthistory.com/places/kensington.html


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