Dream Shroud Shelter

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kara lynch presents a sound walk, dream | shroud | shelter // Oxley Nature Center, 6700 Mohawk Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74115 via Echoes Explorer App // May 27 through summer 2021

dream | shroud |shelter, is a sound-walk installation sited at Oxley Conservation Center. In conversation with Sarah Ahmad's engagement with the Tulsa Race Massacre and legacies of U.S. state sanctioned imperialist violence, this ambient sound installation will draw from deep listening of the installation sites and the archive. 'dream' speaks to Sarah's investigation of the American Dream and the Dream deferred that the Tulsa Race Massacre reifies -- and it literally welcomes dreaming. 'shroud' and 'shelter' propose a sonic remembrance, collective wail, shield, refuge, and sanctuary within which to remember those lives lost to racial violence and its aftermaths, honor those who have survived, and draw close, the restorative power of the natural world around us. Each day between May 27 and June 1, a new sound layer will be added and accumulate into a living memorial. This opt-in sound walk is free and available to the public.

Follow the link or QR code to access this walk and download the Echoes Explorer Mobile app onto your mobile device to experience 'Dream Shroud Shelter' in-situ.  We recommend bringing headphones or bluetooth speaker and downloading this sound-walk for streaming before arriving at Oxley to ensure high quality streaming without taxing data on your device.



The Echoes

Shelter I : refuge

This wide blanket of ambient sound creates a living memorial to those who have been killed by state …

Shelter II - saved

An elegy and a collective moan Within the refuge of Sarah Ahmad's American Dream, as you go inside …

Dream :: whisper

like a soft breeze through cottonwood leaves your dreams lift beyond the canopy. activation date: M…

Dream II : follow

These dreams accompany you on the journey. activation date: June 2, 2021 source sounds recorded in …

shroud : overhead

mummurations, fighter jets, rifle range, migrating birds amplify our mourning rage and contemplation…

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