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Welcome to The Road of Northbridge – Sailors Bay Road. This road is host to many of the great aspects that make up the amazing suburb of Northbridge in the Lower area of Sydney’s North Shore. Take the time to walk from the waterside park of Clive Park to the busy shopping district at the corner of Sailors Bay and Strathallan. In this walk you will pass Northbridge’s captivating blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and community charm. From the enchanting Northbridge Golf Course to the musical richness in the G major guitar studio. Embrace this audible euphoria and connect with the charming suburb of Northbridge.

This walk is a representation of local community in this wonderful suburb. This walk takes you inside the cultural hub of Northbridge by showing you the appealing aspects of its splendid natural beauty and cultural richness through the flourishing array of sport, music, community centres and social areas. The walk starts you in Clive Park, the heart of the suburb’s natural beauty with its beach front view of the famous Sydney Harbour and its vast assortment of Australian bush. From Clive Park you will walk past the famous Northbridge golf course. Situated amongst the splendour of Northbridge, The Northbridge Golf Course stands testament to the harmony between nature and sport. This course is home to novices and enthusiasts of the game with an embodiment of panoramic vistas and unwavering commitment to excellence, attesting to the suburbs fostering community spirit and its commitment to sustainability. Next to the illustrious golf course is the Northbridge oval, a synthetic ground hosting leisurely activities as well as many football and cricket matches. Another indication of sustainability in the community, this oval is one of Northbridge’s cultural centres by playing host to teams from all around the city in football and cricket matches as well as training sessions. The multipurpose sporting field is a mantel piece and staple of the many things that create the amazing suburb of Northbridge. Across the road from the Northbridge oval is the G major guitar studio, created by Jimmy Chan in 2012. G major is the hub of musical culture in Northbridge by teaching over 100 students a year and having taught over a thousand students since its opening. From teaching students to putting on concerts, The G major guitar studio is the haven for musical culture and audible euphoria in Northbridge. The studio brings the whole community together and is a staple for cultural richness in the suburb. Up the road from the guitar studio is the shopping district of Northbridge, flourished with café’s, newsagencies, and restaurants. This area is the centre of cultural and social charm in the suburb and is enriched with vibrant tapestry. Northbridge offers an immersive shopping experience that caters to all.

This project reflects all the cultural and natural beauty in this wonderful suburb of Northbridge. This walk encapsulates the captivating experience of life in Northbridge, taking you through a vibrant array of sports, music, nature, and shopping. The walk explores the tempestuity of the audible culture in the suburb from beautiful sounds of nature to the loud social environment of the shopping region. In this walk you should take the time to explore each region in which you hear the associated sounds so you can explore more than what you’re hearing and visually explore the amazing suburb of Northbridge.

The sounds you are hearing in this walk have been recorded in a variety of places with a variety of lengths. All sounds were recorded from either my mobile phone or my AudioTechnica At2020 condenser microphone. I have mostly used atmospheric sounds to encapsulate the authentic experience of someone walking through this vibrant neighbourhood which makes the walk less fabricated and more acoustically designed. Sounds such as footsteps on gravel has been used to display the change of location and indicates the natural sounds of Northbridge. I’ve also incorporated a decay mod synth to create a sense of euphoria in the walk to elucidate the hauntingly beautiful aspects of this great suburb.

This walk truly does encapsulate all the great aspects of Northbridge. On this walk listen out for the natural beauty, cultural richness, and community charm that this great suburb has to offer. Please enjoy your walk down Sailor’s Bay Road – THE Road of Northbridge.


Written and composed by: Billy Fennessy Additional Audio Components: Ben Tippett, Ollie Hilliard

Billy Fennessy
Billy Fennessy



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Sailors Bay Road - THE Road of Northbridge

Enjoy the audible euphoria of the Beautiful Suburb of Northbridge. Filled with a vibrant array of na…

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