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Welcome to Monuments by Jonnie Riordan.

Part of the Walk This Play series by ThickSkin, commissioned by Step Up MCR, supported with Lottery Funding by Arts Council England. Featuring stories and voices from the communities of Ancoats, Clayton, Beswick & Openshaw.

Celebrating the monuments big and small, the people that built the buildings from the ground up and that keep the beating heart of the area alive.

I am cobbles. I am red brick and stone. I am cotton mills. I am the water racing through the canals, connecting Manchester to the rest of the world. I am communities that care. Looking for a connection.

Monuments guides you around the Ancoats cobbles, old and new, asking you not to overlook the buildings and the communities that make the area unique.

Cast Narrator - Julie Hesmondhalgh

Creative team Writer & Director – Jonnie Riordan Composer & Sound Designer - Pete Malkin Assistant Sound Designer - Raffaela Pancucci
Community Engagement Co-ordinator - Ailbhe Treacy Executive Producer - Laura Mallows Producer - Max Emmerson

For more help or to share your feedback, please email to get in touch with the Walk This Play Team.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for the sector. Against the odds, ThickSkin has continued to make work and employ freelance artists through innovative projects. If you can make a donation, no matter how big or small, your donation will help us to keep going.

Additional information:

Keep your GPS and wifi enabled. Follow the instructions given by the narrator. The route is circular and will start and end in Cutting Room Square. When you start the walk, you will see your current position as a blue dot on the map.

If the app asks you about location settings, select ‘allowed all the time’ to improve GPS. If the sound disappears, just check on your map to find your route again.

The walk will last around 45 minutes (depending on your speed) with some inclines, but no steps. The walk will wait for you and can be enjoyed at your own pace.

As this is an audio experience, D/deaf audiences can choose to use the in-app captions. Visually impaired audiences may need a walking companion for safety with crossing roads.

Walk This Play experiences are suitable for ages 12+

Welcome to MONUMENTS.



The Echoes

1: Cutting Room Square

Listen to the square. Can you hear it? The beginning. Change. Revolution. It all happened here. …

2: Cotton Street

Mismatched cobbles under your feet. New glass reflecting back at you. Everything around you is h…

3: Anita Street

Turn right. Head through the concrete bollards. Anita Street. Breathe it in. Many a Mancunians f…

4: Serafino's Stone

Stop. There on the corner of the road. A monumental stone. With a rusted hook. There’s space …

5: George Leigh Street School - New Ancoats

Turn right... Wait can you hear that. On the corner. A red brick castle. An office block with …

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