Waverton Soundscape

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While walking through the lower North Shore suburb of Waverton, a feeling of community surrounds the small neighbourhood, with a healthy amount of nature filling most of the landscape. Waverton is home to many small businesses which are heavily supported by locals, which was crucial during the COVID-19 lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021. The Coal Loader, which is home to a public piano, a den of chickens and an outlook on the water, is a popular spot amongst locals to go for a walk and relax during any desired time of day. There are many places to sit and enjoy the view, while the sounds of lorikeets and the water create a soothing atmosphere as background noise. Further up from the Coal Loader, Larkin street hosts a postcard-worthy view of the Harbour Bridge, which attracts people from far and wide on New Year's Eve. The view of the Harbour Bridge continues across Woolcott street past the train station between Waverton and North Sydney. As a result of Waverton’s breathtaking views of the harbour, the local government is undertaking a project to refurbish some key areas, to become more accessible to the public, and attract more people to the area. Waverton can be accessed via the train station that features on the T1, T9 and CCN train lines, and various bus routes in the surrounding area. The bay of water that surrounds the Coal Loader, stretches around Balls Head Reserve, which has many bush walks available to the public. This soundscape captures the environment of walking through Waverton, with three different sounds. This walk starts with quiet sound of traffic heading through Waverton, when it begins raining. The rain slowly subsides throughout the soundscape, where the sound of water lapping at the headland can be heard quietly in the background. This walk depicts the different identities of Waverton, with contrasting sounds such as traffic, wildlife, and nature to immerse the listener in the suburb.



The Echoes

Piano scale

A public piano in the coal loader, that is covered in water, after a downpour of rain. I played an a…


Walking down bay road, traffic can be heard heading up to the pacific highway. Bay road leads to the…


From the Coal Loader a plane can be heard flying overhead. The sound lasted almost a minute then slo…

Street buzzer

Waiting for the lights near Bay Road, while traffic passes by in a busy manner.

Water down a drain

The rain incited a trickle of water down a drain near Bay Road, where traffic was busy.

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