Voice of Trees (Tallahassee Sound Walk, USA)

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Through the Voice of Trees - Tallahassee sound walk, you’ll discover local poets who pay homage to Cascades Park, one of the City of Tallahassee’s gems.

By following the route on the Echoes app, visitors will hear a selection of original poems read aloud by the poets themselves.

Each poem represents a different location within Cascades Park and encourages visitors to discover spots for quiet contemplation. Inspired by the monumental trees and surrounding landscape, these poems serve as a celebration of the unique features of the area. From Smokey Hollow Pond to Centennial Field, visitors can explore the city’s history while enjoying its natural beauty.

Included in this sound walk are original poems by local poets Summer Hill Seven, Terri Carrion, Michael Rothenberg, and Virgil Suárez.

Voice of Trees - Tallahassee is a collaboration between the Council on Culture & Arts (COCA), 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and the City of Tallahassee Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Affairs Department.

This initiative was made possible in partnership with Italian artist Giovanna Iorio who developed the Voice of Trees project in an effort to preserve the voices of poets and link their work to the landscape. Tallahassee and New York City are the only Voice of Trees locations in the United States. Our city joins a global Voice of Trees community which includes Italy, France, England, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Greenland, Ireland, Spain, Japan, and the Netherlands.


This Is What Falls by Michael Rothenberg

Cascade Park by Virgil Suárez

Two haiku by Summer Hill Seven

Surrounded by Terri Carrion



The Echoes

Summer Hill Seven

Two Haiku by Summer Hill Seven Location: Picnic tables and benches near the Lafayette Gate Summer…

Terri Carrion

Surrounded by Terri Carrion Location: Swing near the Gaines/Meridian Gate Terri Carrion is a firs…

Michael Rothenberg

This is What Falls by Michael Rothenberg Location: Picnic Table near the Historic Centennial Field …

Virgil Suárez

Cascades Park by Virgil Suárez Location: Benches on the south side of Boca Chuba Pond Virgil Suárez…

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