Chronicles - Walk 2

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This is the second walk of the Chronicles of Clandeboye (2.6 miles). A good starting point is on the A2 dual carriageway, and then walk the route in either direction. I suggest anticlockwise, taking you a short distance along the dual carriageway before turning left along the track to Meadow Way in Crawfordsburn. Then turn right and descend to the village. Cross the road and look out for the path leading into the Crawfordsburn Counrty Park. Skirt the woodland until you come to the viaduct, then ame your way left and join the main entrance road to the park. Follow this to the entrance at Bridge Road and cross over into the Towns' Womens' Guild wood. Follow the path over the hill and join the Clandeboye Avenue at Sunnybrook farm, Then turn left and follow the avenue all the way back to your start point on the A2.

Soundtrack: Orchestral Scherzo by Daniel Williams



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