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Refshaleøen is dominated by the colossal building at its centre. A beacon, a church, a testament to industry. It has a gravitational pull. It contains and it excludes.

It weighs down and soars above a landscape of many elements. Grasses reclaim the squares where administration once took place. A birch forest nestles DJs and dancers. A skin of concrete protects a long archaeological history recorded layer upon descending layer just below your feet.

The vast slipway where ships lurched their way out to sea is unnavigable. No points of reference except for far boundaries. Rectangular civil engineering becomes absorbed into a circular field of perception.

Empty fenceless space is a canvas for blooms of sound. All from this building, this area, the people who use it; what it is, was, and could well be. At the centre of each bloom is a concentric dance - one in grass and another on gravel. Thank you, Thomas.

Before I had seen inside, it was a hidden space that I could only guess about what went on in there. My attempts to infiltrate are marked by small bright green squares (like the one in the picture above).

Move/stand still/sit. Go fast/go slow. Plan/react. Find centres/draw lines.

Some Practical Stuff
- For a more reliable sound experience, download the walk while in reach of wifi instead of streaming.
- If the sound stops, try pressing pause and play again. It should restart.
- You can click on a zone and then 'see more' to find out more about it. Or you can just put your phone away. Either way is fine.
- Headphones that cover your ears are best.



The Echoes

Concentric Grasses (dance)

How it feels to move through the grasses beyond, on the other side. Circling, following, hunting. …

Concentric Gravel (dance)

Every pebble is the fabric of this place. The smallest constituent part that supports and sustains, …

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