FILM3845 Final Project: SoundWave! The Newest Superhero in the Making

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*NOTE: Even though the proper conditions have been set, and work when performing the walk in real life (I have tested the walk with the current conditions at the walk's location and it works as intended - However, the buggy "simulation" option included on the web browser platform refuses to prove this) does not stop audio clips after leaving the "echo-circle" when PLAYING THE WALK IN SIMULATION MODE(as I have set the conditions for each location "ambience" file to do - unfortunately, it seems that the web-version of Echoes is quite buggy). Because of this, my one minute sample will essentially act as a "proof of concept" for the completed work, playing the sound files with the proper audial queues, as it would if one performed the walk on the Echoes mobile app, which functions as it should - I have performed a handful of tests to ensure that the problem is not on my end, but indeed the fault of

From KINGSDALE/YONGE to HILLCREST/YONGE - FILM3845 Final. A mock tutorial (the first lesson in a series) for super-powers. The idea is that the listener has obtained "super-hearing" abilities and is using this series to learn how to hone their newfound abilities. As the listener walks down Yonge St, they will be able to hear the indoor environments of buildings and stores they pass along the way, even getting to listen in to what is occurring...under them.

Each location's audio was recorded within their actual listed locations, All by me using my Tascam DR-40X. One issue I found using my Tascam was the abundance of interference that it was picking up while recording the outdoor ambience audio on Yonge St. I did my best to EQ it out without sacrificing the quality of the clip. Spacialization feature has been enabled on all of the "Sound Environment" clips (excluding the overall Street ambience) to accentuate the listener's movement in space.

Narration was also recorded and performed by me. (Again, recorded using the DR-40X).

All sounds are 24bit/48k wav files.

Work cited: Hutama, Timothy J. North York Centre Station Platform 01. North York, 1 Sept. 2016, Accessed 7 Apr. 2022.



The Echoes

Outdoor - Yonge St Ambience

1. Introduction (VO)

Welcome to the first lesson in using your Super-hearing powers!

2. Petsmart (VO)

look over there, a Petsmart. Listen in! Discover what you can hear with your newfound powers!

PetSmart Indoor Environment

3. LCBO (VO)

Now that we got to hear the inside of PetSmart, let's keep walking. Hey look an LCBO, let's see how …

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