Helen's Bay Sea Park

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In 1850, Lord Dufferin envisioned a landscaped "Sea Park" along Belfast Lough's shore, featuring a mock fortress with sea views. During our walk, I'll share the history of how his parkland dream evolved into what he termed a "bathing town" now known as Helen's Bay.

'The Chronicles of Clandeboye' is a doctoral project that maps the evolution of the Clandeboye estate through a deep map and spatial narratives. After 38 years of managing the estate, my unique insight into its history, especially the landscape, inspired this undertaking. The project, in collaboration with Newcastle University, PRONI, and the Dufferin Foundation, offers an immersive historical experience. It invites exploration of the estate's transformation, with narratives enriched by transcripts and references for further research at PRONI.

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The Echoes

The Coastguard Station

I’m sure that Lord Dufferin would not have been pleased when, in November 1854, he received a letter…

The road to the shore

The footprint of this popular car park lies on part of the three-mile avenue, laid out in 1850, that…

Helen's Bay

Although, in 1855, Lord Dufferin did not even own the beach or much of what is now the golf course, …

Grey Point Fort

Lord Dufferin had a fascination with all things Scottish and was determined to build a baronial styl…

The Sea Park

Standing here, in a car park, surrounded by trees, it might be a stretch to ask you to imagine this …

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