Chronicles - Walk 1

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This is the first of my Chronicles walks (3.6 miles). You can start this walk at Helen's Bay Station or the beach car park, but I will describe the route from the Coastguard Avenue Car park. From the car park follow the main route, through the gates, down to the shore. Turn right and follow the coastal path all the way around Grey Point until you join Fort Road. Turn left and walk due South, cross the road into the beach car park and walk straight on, along the Columban Way to the station. There is an entrance into the station underpass to the right after the second bridge. Go through the underpass and exit the station. Go right on Bridge Road and then cross over and go up Golf Road. At the entrance to the Golf Course take the footpath on your right and follow this through the woods and down to the shore. Turn left and follow the beack back to Fort Road. Then retrace your steps along the beautiful coastal path. Note that there is a cut through at the end, if you can spot it.

Soundtrack: Orchestral Scherzo by Daniel Williams



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