Two by Two: A Sailortown Fable

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​​Ella is searching for clues and patiently waiting for Noah's Ark to dock at Belfast harbour. Follow her voice on this audio walk and discover the people, buildings, and animals (real and imagined) of Belfast's Sailortown.

Find the traces of Ella's story at the blue shapes on the map: Rectangular shapes are the main story points (Durations ~2:00-3:30); and Circles are short fragments echoing along the way (Durations ~ 0:10-0:30).

If you want to follow Ella's path more closely, follow the rectangular main story points in number order 1 to 5. Your starting point will be Yorkgate Station Car Park (top left), moving to Benny's cafe, the Rotterdam Bar, the American Bar, the Skate Park on Little Patrick St (bottom left), then the deep dock (top right). Tap on the blue rectangles to check their numbers.

But remember that Ella's story has got a bit jumbled up, so its ok to wander and find your own path through the locations on the map. Eventually you'll piece together some of the fragments of Ella's story, just as she is trying to piece together her plan.

You can get a hint of the content for a location point by tapping on its marker on the map.

Please listen through headphones and turn on your phone's WiFi to help improve your location accuracy.

Please take care whilst navigating the streets - be mindful of traffic and be careful when crossing roads.

Download the walk-in advance to prevent issues with mobile data streaming.

If you have any questions or feedback about this Echoes audio walk experience please contact John D'Arcy -

'Two by Two: A Sailortown Fable' is based on 'TWO BY TWO' by Emily DeDakis. Read the full story and find out more about Emily’s artist residency with Household in Sailortown:


Emily DeDakis- Writer & Producer

Marty Byrne - Sound Designer & Composer

John D’Arcy - Digital Producer & Audio Engineer

Maeve Smyth - Voice

Nongraphic (Sean Greer) - Graphic Designer

Jane Butler & Household - Executive Producers

For more information contact John D'Arcy / @_johndarcy



The Echoes

1. To Get to the Docks...

Granny said, “Everything turns up in Sailortown eventually. Everything that arrives in Belfast comes…


On the way home, she noticed something in the middle of the street…


Leaving Da at the airport...

Locked Up

Imagine if you went for a walk and...

2. Were There Animals?

Tess leaned down to Ella and said, “You still on the lookout for wild beasts?...”

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