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This is a showcase of a band of brothers (real brothers) who haven't performed for many years but have actually played in Hoddesdon at John Warner school hall and also in the Robert Barclay School hall. One of the brothers John is a longtime resident in Rye Park. The brothers discovering that the first rock and roll performers were influenced by American black gospel singers and guitarists in the middle years of the 20th century - promoted this music by playing it in a way that can be described as gospel skiffle - acoustic music you can dance to. This showcase from their 2 albums is set up as an audio showcase to show the potential for audio installations using echoes XYZ to showcase local musical talent. Hopefully we can feature more local musicians going forward. But for now enjoy the Woebegone Brothers; the albums will be put on Bandcamp if you would like to download them. There are even cassettes if you still have a player!

John Griffiths
John Griffiths



The Echoes

Walk all over Heaven

A song the brothers heard Mahalia Jackson sing first. Rollicking double bass line. Lovely harmonies!

I'm gonna live the life I sing about in my song

Written by Thomas Dorsey one of the fathers of black gospel after he stopped singing blues as Georgi…

Well Well Well

A song originally heard sung by the white Ozzie folk group the Seekers who the brothers grew up list…


Most of the Woebegone Brother's songs were covers of gospel classic gospel songs. But they did write…

Dig a little deeper in the storehouse of God's love

Dig a little deeper - either Rosetta Tharpe the mother of rock and roll guitarplaying turned this in…

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