Lock Out the Landlords : Brunswick in the Depression

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Explore the social and political history of Brunswick (Victoria, Australia) in the tumultuous years of the 1930s Depression. Join local historian Iain McIntyre to explore the collective organising of workers, families and residents in Brunswick as they fight for their survival.

Audio recorded by Nicole Hurtubise, as part of the People's Tours of History project produced by Jane Curtis with 3CR Community Radio. http://peoplestour.net/

Echoes tour produced by Moreland City Libraries.

People's History of Brunswick

People's History of Brunswick

Wander the streets of radical Brunswick (Victoria, Australia) during the Great Depression. Join historian and archivist Melinda Barrie as she takes you in the footsteps of Noel Couhinhan and the free speech fight. From the theatres and soap-boxes of Brunswick; to activists riding atop street-cars and locking themselves in cages to escape arrest. Brunswick was a place of organising and dissent. Join historian and author Iain McIntyre as he takes you on a tour of unemployed workers organising and anti-eviction resistance during the Depression. From urban communes, to storming the Brunswick Town Hall, and defending working-class families from eviction.



The Echoes

1. Brunswick Town Hall

Start of the tour. Brunswick Town Hall: Brunswick Council, Unemployed Activism and Surviving the De…

2. Lydia Street

Lydia Street: Proletarian Hall and Unemployed Organising in Brunswick.

3. Barkly Street

Barkly Street : The Barkly Street Commune.

4. Gold Street

Gold Street : Eviction showdown, July 1930.

5. Charles Street

Charles Street : Anti-Eviction Protest, 1932.

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