Tom Haveron Assessment 2 - Transmission Park

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Located at the end of Warrimoo Avenue, and encircled by Yarralumla Avenue, Transmission Park is a short strip of nature in St. Ives Chase. This park features a long grassy strip that walks from one road to the other, with trees on either side that seperate the neighbouring private properties from the public area. Other then being the parks' namesake, the powerlines in the park create a strong vector down the strip, with a large supporting structure at the front end, which is impossible to ignore. Before electricity had been widespread in Sydney's North, this park contained only trees, and was an extension of the national park that is ~500 meters north of it. After the powerlines were installed, the park became a prime spot to view the sky, resulting in an extremely beautiful view, and one of the widest views of the sky that can be seen (in public) in St. Ives. This echoes walk intends to capture the conceptual strength of manmade and natural elements coalescing to create a densely textured soundscape, much in the same way that the mechanical elements and natural elements create a significant and unique area. This walk began as an attempt to replicate the sonic environment of Transmission Park on a rainy afternoon, however I then decided to implement more experimental sounds, and musical elements, to create a much more conceptual piece. On rainy afternoons, the patter of raindrops creates a steady rhythm, punctuated by distant thunder. The rustle of leaves in the breeze adds a serene backdrop, reminiscent of the park's origins as an extension of the nearby national reserve. However, the park's character is not solely defined by nature, as the presence of powerlines introduces a constant hum, a reminder of the modern infrastructure that intersects with the natural landscape, not unlike a musical pedal point. This blend of sounds creates a unique ambiance, offering visitors a sensory experience that reflects the park's dual identity. In crafting the Echoes Walk for Transmission Park, I sought to capture this multifaceted soundscape. Utilizing field recordings of footsteps, rustling leaves, and the ambient hum of electricity and machinery in both urban and suburban settings, I aimed to create a faithful representation of the park's auditory environment. Yet, I also incorporated experimental elements into the composition. By introducing sounds such as static electricity and passing vehicles, various birdsong and metallic timbres, the manmade aspects of the park truly shine through, occasionally jarring, and occasionally harmonious, which represents the ultimate duality and inconsistency of such a dense soundscape. The decision to implement a guitar accompaniment was fuelled by my intention to amplify the emotions that a place like this may invoke, as it harbours feelings of reflection, nostalgia, and down-to-earthedness. My incorporation of experimental sounds and musical elements in the Echoes Walk captures the essence of Transmission Park in all its diversity. From the gentle rustle of leaves to the sharp crackle of static electricity, the composition reflects the dynamic interplay between humanity and nature, creating a densely textured soundscape that is both evocative and immersive. Despite being a relatively short strip of nature, it is filled with nuance and detail that I have attempted to encapsulate in an audio experience, including the sounds of the outside, including passing cars and domestic sounds, which are important to the sonic environment in the same way that unavoidable plosives and hardware limitations (vinyl crackle, old recording equipment) still plays a role in a final recording of a musical composition. In crafting the Echoes Walk for Transmission Park, my aim was to capture the multifaceted soundscape, intertwining elements of nature and modernity to evoke a unique sensory experience for visitors. The recording process for these sounds required the use of a Zoom H6 recording device, and a shotgun microphone. These sounds were taken from a rainy day in central Sydney, including longer ambience recorded in Hyde Park. When editing these tracks, I aimed to keep the sounds as authentic as possible, avoiding changing things like pitch and unintentional background sounds, so that I could ensure that a sense of naturalism was upheld. I chose this recording location for it's sheer variety of sonic outputs, as well as constant atmospheric background sounds that fit Transmission Park well.



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