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'Along The Lines' is an immersive mobile soundwalk exploring Brighton's laundry heritage, running as listening sessions from 20th-21st October 2023. Designed and recorded by local sound artist and researcher Anna Celeste Edmonds, in collaboration with local community organisation and charity Quiet Down There (, and project contributors Helen Dewhurst, Suvat Kadar, and Stella Sims. Laundry is a distinctly aural and sensory experience, we often hear people talk of the sounds, smells and feels that come with a trip to the laundrette, and many local people remember someone in their family working in laundry services. The soundwalk focuses on laundry to explore themes such as the reality of working class lives, women’s work and economic independence as well as the specific significance of laundries in Brighton in the 19th and 20th centuries providing the less glamorous but much needed ‘clean up’ for this historically busy tourist resort. Along These Lines is a walking and listening experience starting at The Open Market and then heading to Roundhill, Elm Grove, Hanover, and The Level, with 10 listening locations. This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery, and will be available for access beyond this event on and Thanks to historian and geographer Geoffrey Mead, and Gerry and Maria from Brighton and Hove Women's History Group for sharing their knowledge and time. Accompanying zine and project artwork by Little River Press

Anna Edmonds
Anna Edmonds



The Echoes

9. Laundry Music

Follow the path South-East, meeting the wide pavement where you will walk south through a tunnel of …

10. Laundry and Activism

Continuing south you will reach the paved area near the café, here you will pause and look east, tow…

8. Our Local Laundry Landscape

Walk back down Elm Grove to the intersection, then cross over, walking from the top of The Level to …

7. Hanover Laundry

Follow Lewes Road until you meet Elm Grove, where you will walk up a short distance to reach the beg…

6. Everyday Washing

Follow on along Lewes Road and pause at the bottom of Franklin Road for your next location. Hear an …

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