Lembro-me ® da beleza de Sintra

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Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal

150 years ago Hans Christian Andersen visited Portugal and fell in love with the country and the people. He described the journey in the book »A visit in Portugal 1866«. The unique thing about Andersen’s book and especially his descriptions of the old royal city of Sintra, today Unesco World Heritage, is that the city and the area still looks like the place Andersen visited and wrote about.

Hans Christian Andersen's travelogue from Sintra gets new life in a new form, by retelling selected passages in the danish composer Hans Sydows sound walk Lembro-me ® da beleza de Sintra (I remeber ® Sintras loveliness), passing through the Santa Maria area in SIntra, where H. C. Andersen stayed as guest in the O'Neill familys house in Clacada dos Clerigos. Along the way Andersen breaks into song, when he can't hold back his fascination of Sintra.

With a set of headphones and the Jeg kan huske ® app on your smartphone you can experience the sound walk with Andersens stories played back as a soundscape that opens up, when you walk through it. GPS on the phone detects where you are and triggers playback of the sounds and stories associated with the place.

The soundwalk Lembro-me ® da beleza de Sintra is produced by RESONANCE.DK in cooperations with Denmarks Embassy in Lisbon, with financial support from DJBFA, and it will be premiered at The International H. C. Andersen conference in Sintra from 8th untill 10th of March 2017.

Text: H. C. Andersen Translation: Silva Duarte & John Irons Speak: Paulo Valente Pereira Composition og sounddesign: Hans Sydow Music: BengtssonSydow


Hans SydowHans Sydow



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