Boston Manor Park

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Boston Manor Park (sound walk)

Through the Voice of Trees - Boston Manor Park sound walk, you’ll discover some wonderful sounds of this beautiful park in the heart of West London. Comprising an area of 11.36 hectares surrounding the Manor House, the park is accessed from Boston Manor Road on the eastern perimeter. The Grand Union Canal and River Brent run along the western perimeter, the canal taking in what is now known as Clitheroes or Clitheroe's Lock 99.

By following the route on the Echoes app, visitors will hear a selection of original poems dedicated to trees and some interesting sounds and stories of the park.

With your headphone and phone, you can explore the amazing soundscape of Boston Manor Park while enjoying its natural beauty.



The Echoes

The Iron Bridge

Underneath this busy flyover is the site of the Junction 2 music festival. You will listen to Adam B…

The Woodlands

Our woodlands are home to many birds. Bird song to attract mates reaches its peak during spring and …

The River Brent

Stop by the river Brent before you climb up the woodland trail. How beautiful and calming it is to w…

The Veteran Trees

As you enter the woodland, you will see lots of beautiful trees including our oak, ash and sweet che…

Leave the noise behind

Take a journey of sound through Boston Manor Park and leave the hectic pace of the city behind you.

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