Genius Loci - A Grime scene sound mapping of the city of Coventry

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Coventry, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

Genius Loci aims at using Grime music as an “as an ethnographic resource to map specific spaces and places”, as defined by Lee Barron, to explore the city of Coventry. The project is interested in observing the recent changes the city has gone through in the past decade and take a record of the expectations for its future development, seeing a parallel trajectory with its grime scene. Barron continues: “Emerging from within local social contexts, grime articulates and represents urban worlds that are invariably and culturally unseen spaces”. In the spirit of this statement, this documentary sound piece attempts to investigate through recorded interviews these “unseen spaces” of Coventry, in the perspective of the artists who inhabit, write about and are inspired by them.

The Map at the moment features 4 artists but it will remain open for other people in the scene to give their contribution.

Made for the Experimental Documentary Practices module at University of Warwick. Tutor: Michael Pigott


Bianca GBianca G



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