Newport Sound Map

room 4 ECHOES

Newport, Casnewydd, Wales, United Kingdom

Sound maps are digital geographical maps that put emphasis on the sonic representation of a specific location. Sound maps are created by associating landmarks (streets in a city, train stations, stores, pathways, factories, oil pumps, etc.) and soundscapes.

The term “soundscape” refers to the sonic environment of a specific locale. It may also refer to actual environments, or to abstract constructions such as musical compositions and tape montages, particularly when considered as an artificial environment. The objective of sound maps is to represent a specific environment using its soundscape as primary references as opposed to visual cues. Sound maps are in many ways the most effective auditory archive of an environment. Sound maps are similar to sound walks which are a form of active participation in the soundscape. Soundwalks and indeed, sound maps encourage the participants to listen discriminatively, and moreover, to make critical judgments about the sounds heard and their contribution to the balance or imbalance of the sonic environment. However, soundwalks will plot out a route for the user to follow and give guidance as to what the user may be hearing at each checkpoint. Sound maps, on the other hand, have specific soundscapes recorded that users can listen to at each checkpoint.


Stuart JonesStuart Jones



The Echoes

Christmas Lights Switch On 12.11.16

This recording begins at the top of Charles Street just passed the Red Lion on the left hand side. T…

Remembrance Sunday, Cenotaph, Newport 13.11.16

This Remembrance Sunday parade marks 100 years since the Battle of the Somme. The parade begins in t…

Belle Vue Park, Path, Newport 22.12.2018

Belle Vue Park opened in 1894 and has features typical of a Victorian public park, including conserv…

Belle Vue Park, Bandstand, Newport 22.12.2018

Belle Vue Park, Bandstand, Newport 22.12.2018. Video recorded using a Ricoh Theta camera. Audio reco…

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