Grenfell, forever in our hearts

room 18 ECHOES

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

A sound installation in memory of the victims of Grenfell with the voices of the poets from the anthology: "Poems for Grenfell Tower" (The Onslaught Press). I would like to thank all the poets who sent their voice for the installation, Matthew Staunton and Rip Bulkeley for their support with the project.

Thomas McColl

Mike Jenkins

Al McClimens

Emma Lee

John Lindley

David Keyworth

Rona Fitzgerald

If music could heal- music tribute by Notturno Concertante

In memory of Khadija Saye- BBC interview

In memory of Marco and Gloria - Video poetry "Risorgive", Massimo Parolini

Richard Carpenter

Tom Phillips

Peter A.

Neil Reeder

Ricky Nuttall

Adele Cordner

Alemu Tebeje Ayele


Giovanna Iorio's Sound WalksGiovanna Iorio's Sound Walks

I am a sound artist and I live in UK. I am the founder of the Poetry Sound Library, and archive that preserve the voices of poets from past and present. I research ways to link poetry to the landscape. My sound walks are in UK and around the world. "Voice of Trees" is a sound walk to discover the voices of the most important poets from the Poetry Sound Library archive: monumental trees receive a poet's voice and they become part of an inspiring sound installation. Website & Info:



The Echoes

Thomas McColl

Thomas McColl lives in East London. His latest collection is Grenade Genie, published by Fly on the …

Mike Jenkins

This is title poem of my collection in Merthyr dialect with artist Alan Perry from Swansea, publishe…

Al McClimens

Al McClimens is an unemployed chancer and will work for food. Please give generously.

Emma Lee

Emma Lee’s publications include “The Significance of a Dress” (Arachne, 2020) and "Ghosts in the Des…

John Lindley

John Lindley is a freelance poet, songwriter and creative writing tutor. An experienced performer, h…

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