Solo exercise from outside The White Hart Henfield BN5 9HP

room 161 ECHOES

The White Hart, High Street, Henfield, England BN5 9HP, United Kingdom

Solo exercise, inspired by hash running and walking, so called sash !

Ground rules: 1) No set date or time. 2) Only do solo, or with people you live with, or your support bubble, or one other person. 3) Keep 2 metres apart from others if you encounter. 4) Ideally pick sashes that are local to you. 5) Ideally pick sashes a walk or cycle from the start/end point rather than drive. 6) Ideally drive only as a part of an essential journey being made anyway, such as for food buying. 7) Walk bits where you can't clearly see the way ahead, so that 2 metre separation from others can be maintained. 8) No going in the pub, would be shut anyway. 9) Do the sash at your own risk.

How it works: Visible on your phone, are the start/end square, and four circles showing the initial direction. Your phone audibly 'echoes' blobs, checks, etc, when in the vicinity. You can just keep your phone in your pocket, and follow the blob echoes. Or for a check echo, discover which way the blob trail continues. Three blobs in succession, or another check, and you've found the onward trail. A false echo means it's not that way. An echo saying 'on left', or 'on right', means go that way. Echoes can announce a fair few paces prior to the spot. And echoes repeat every minute if you linger.

The runners true trail is 4 miles, the walkers 2.9 miles. Part-way along the trail, your phone echoes that the runners and walkers trails diverge. They rejoin later. The runners trail has one 'fish hook' echo, at which you should return to the last check, then rerun that section. Toward the end, your phone echoes 'beer near', then 'beer stop'. For the latter you may like to take some refreshment in your backpack. Nearer the end, your phone echoes 'inn no', and leads you back to the start/end point.

If you get stuck, a help map is available: Zoom in on the start/end square, then tap the triangle beside, then tap SEE MORE. The blue square is the start/end, the arrows show the trail direction, and the walkers-only part is dotted.

Download the free ECHOES app to your iPhone or Android, and sign up. The trail should list under 'near you'. Tap MORE NEAR YOU if not. Possible too, is a tap on the magnifying glass, then type the trail postcode with space, or 'sash' for all. Tap a trail, then tap STREAM WALK to use online copy. Or tap DOWNLOAD or down-arrow symbol for offline copy, then tap START. Swipe down screen to refresh downloaded copy, in case changed online. Sometimes app exit then app restart are needed to fully refresh downloaded copy. Download might get stuck before reaching 100%. In which case, exit app then restart, and tap STREAM WALK instead.

Tips: Like most location apps, ECHOES uses the battery a fair bit. A fully-charged phone should be enough for the trail. But you might like to take a powerbank, or spare battery. Plus a paper map as backup.

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The Echoes


Blob 1

Blob 2

Blob 3

Check 1

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