Urban Wilderness - Bernice Wood (DES304)

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Sunshine Coast

Hello and welcome to my immersive experience. This experience has been created to expose the diversity of sounds, that are naturally present within a wildlife corridor in suburbia. This is in comparison to a residential estate, which has been cleared of native vegetation and has had a designed park area included in the development.
This experience will take you to the depths of the wildlife corridor where you will hear an array of bird calls and critters. Having natural corridors, within suburbia, is a valuable asset to both the environment and people’s wellbeing.
To appreciate the experience please start at the initial echo (blue circle on your phone map) which is located at the end of Block E. Turn your volume up to a comfortable level. Take your time to wander through the echoes and as you enter each one, tap the blue circle to display an image and short description. Enjoy!

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which the USC campus sits. I recognise and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Bernice Wood
Bernice Wood



The Echoes

Into Suburban Wilderness

Head into the wildlife corridor, watching where you walk. Better be careful of snakes!

A New Day

The rise of the sun is waking the residents. The warmth gives energy to all around. Can you feel it?…

Back to the earth

Everything has begining and everything has an end.


Take a rest at these seats and listen to the leaf litter critters going about their day. Can you hea…

Heard and Not Seen

Look up....can you see the flying foxes? The odd flying fox can be heard within the corridor during …

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