Gallup Park West Loop Music Hike

room 6 ECHOES

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

This hike through the Gallup Park West Loop is approximately 1.6 miles/45 minutes long. This path is not wheelchair/stroller accessible and has some rocky spots. More secluded, next to the river. Dogs must be kept on leashes at this trail.

The music for this hike is comprised of artists that were slated to perform during the Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2020 season. We encourage you to check out more of their music and support local artists!

A few notes:

  1. If you arrive at the end of a blue zone, pause and wait for the song to end.
  2. There may be gaps in the music. That is okay. Enjoy the silence if it happens.
  3. If songs begin to overlap, you can pause the walk, re-start it, and this will correct the issue. If all else fails, stop the walk in the app and re-open it, you should still be able to pick up wherever you are on the walk.
  4. To view the playlist, tap on the menu button in the upper right-hand corner while in the hike.

Enter this bonus Summer Game code at for 100 points: FULLERFLATS

This program is a partnership with the Ann Arbor District Library.


Ann Arbor Summer FestivalAnn Arbor Summer Festival

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is an independent, non-profit dedicated to presenting a world-class celebration of arts and entertainment that enriches the cultural, economic, and social vitality of the region.



The Echoes


Smile by the Paddlebots

Such Sweet Thunder

Such Sweet Thunder by Planet D Nonet

Everybody Loves My Baby

Everybody Loves My Baby by the Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club

She's the Only One for Me

She's the Only One for Me by Chris Canas Band


Huracán by Los Gatos

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