Grand Heist of 82

room 5 ECHOES

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Do you wish to uncover one of Lincoln's greatest, but most forgotten history?

In 1982 one of the most mysterious bank heists occurred in Lincoln and hardly anyone knows of it. The group of robbers stole about 1.5 million dollars that is worth about 4 million dollars in 2020. The robbers were able to evade the police and seem to almost vanish out of thin air. The voice recording that you will hear is only a fraction of all the eyewitnesses in the original documentary that was about to be released in 1984 until it was mysteriously damaged. Fortunately, some of the audio was recovered, but all footage was destroyed.

Throughout this experience I ask that you wear headphones or earbuds so that you may get the full experience.

Here is the order I would ask of you to follow: 1) The First Ring 2) Deposit or Withdrawal 3) Alleyway Stranger 4) Delivery Interruption 5) Bus Stop Shenanigans

Please be mindful of others who are trying to use the sidewalks as well and don't get hit by any cars!





The Echoes

The First Ring

In this tape you will hear from Jake Crawford (29) an emergency dispatcher at the Lincoln Police Dep…

Deposit or Withdrawal?

In this tape you will hear from Terrance Lee (36) a customer at Chase Bank. Terrance had just receiv…

Alleyway Stranger

In this tape you will hear from Barbara Kent (25) a barista at Love’s Café. Barbara had just arrived…

Delivery Interruption

In this tape you will hear from Keith Perry (22) a delivery worker at Topper’s Pizza. It was suppose…

Bus Stop Shenanigans

In this tape you will hear from Charles Lawrence (43) a witness at the bus stop. Charles woke up ext…

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