spatial gods.

room 6 ECHOES

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1400 R St, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, United States

revisit a new world: allow the city to fade away as the space around you takes the form of deities.

description: hello, and welcome to my Story City project! for this project, I wanted to create some 'gods' that could possibly exist within the mythology of downtown Lincoln. aimed for younger kids who need something to do while their parents are at Fly Gym or to stretch their Zoom-tired legs, this work acts as a sample chapter of a larger story.

route: 1. god-king, again. 2. eldest son. 3. youngest son. 4. the lovers. 5. the lesser. 6. god-king, finally.

instructions: 1. follow the route of echoes listed above. 2. mind the other people near you; this area can become crowded at times, so watch out for yourself as well as others 3. try to line the exact position you're standing in up with the line of sight in the art of whichever echo you're in

hot tips: 1. when standing in front of the 'ascent' sculpture, try to line yourself up with the plaque in the very front of the statue. 2. some goblins occasionally shift the table to the right of 'ascent'; be on alert for a table you have to track down. 3. when crossing the street from youngest son. to the lovers. + returning back to the god-king, please use the crosswalk!! 4. try standing on the opposite side of the 'ascent' sculpture a try during the second echo in that location. 5. enjoy!


Olli JOlli J



The Echoes

god-king, again.

your first meeting with the god-king of this realm since you returned; there is a hole in his head.

eldest son.

god-king's eldest son was always the meek type; straying too far from his father's side was never mu…

youngest son.

never really on his best behavior, god-king's youngest son had always been eager to make his own way…

the lovers.

god-king had three(one) lovers; they all were quite taken with him, and while they were beautiful, t…

the lesser.

younger brother of the god-king, the lesser was quite melodramatic; his ridiculous image was always …

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