Savonarola Soundwalk

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These sounds come from a workshop organised by the CRESSON on the occasion of the Winterschool 2021. They were recorded between the 18th and the 28th january 2021 and I designed them in order to do a soundwalk which takes place around the Savonarola square.

This soundwalk is a sonic photography and a composition of how this area sounds during an ordinary january week. Savonarola is a residential district full of vitality. Out from the touristic tour but very close to the city center. Here life is good and the demand to acquire a property is high. The crisis of tourism since the emergence of the Covid-19 showed the city center being emptied. Empty of tourists, students but also of inhabitants. But around Savonarola square, people continued to live day after day, always passing through or around it. For sure, there were more activities here than around the famous Duomo. In particulary, the Savonarola square gives us a pist to understand why this district is loved. I took the example of this square to describe the concept of "open and inclusive city" developped by Richard Sennett in his book « Building and dwelling : Ethics for the city ».
So, we can say that the quality of the place is strong. Because many different activities take place together into it or around it, at different moments of the day and of the year. For example, the square sounds differently when summer's coming because this is the place to have a drink thanks to the little street bar with inexpensive prices and music...





The Echoes

1. From Courtyard

19/01/21 - 35min - Zoom H2N 1. I decided to give a large shape at this record to heard it since the…

2. Homeless place

19/01/21 - 3min34 - ZOOM H2N 2. During the last summer, one of the hottest ever registred, a homele…

3. Chiesa Savonarola

20/01/21 - 1min - ZOOM H2N At 6 p.m., the Savonarola church is ringing, ringing, ringing... It's ki…

4. Il Grido

20/01/21 - 0.44 sec. - ZOOM H2N After the school, children let their voices feel to the world, unde…

5. Cassetta della caritas diocesana

21/01/21 - 0.08sec. loop - ZOOM H2N 6. Here, there are two metallic box which give the possibility …

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