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In this assessment I took inspiration from 'sand box' style video games such as: Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed and Kingdom Hearts, to create a soundscape that mimics those heard in this video-game style and lets the user explore Sydney's CBD as if it were a world in a video game. In these games the avatar moves from one area to the next freely, and the music and dialogue interaction with other NPC avatars change to reflect the in game circumstances related to the specific area. In my Echo I have included three areas that are typical of this style. The first is a free roam adventure sequence in which NPC characters offer you quests or mention generic information relating to the city. The second is a combat sequence in which the player must fight or escape some aggressive NPC characters. The third is a shop sequence where the player may purchase items or gear to help them in the game. In each I have used atmosphere recordings, original music and voice overs to recreate those typically heard in these games. I chose the area in front of Town Hall for my project as I believe that it is in some way iconic of the city of Sydney and is the kind of place that would be included in a video game representation of the cit. It is also a transport hub for the light rail and train line and so it has many possibilities for interaction with people (or rather, NPC characters). It is also located next to the QVB which worked well for my 'shop sequence' as it is a shopping complex. I hope you enjoy exploring the city of Sydney through the eyes (or ears) of a video game avatar.

Ramon Briant

Ramon Briant



The Echoes

adventure sequence

Shop Sequence

combat Sequence

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