Hear Their Voices

room 6 ECHOES

Haymarket, N 8th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508, United States

Night is a woman of many things but her main job is to recreate the world we live in to make it lively and new, making a world where the voiceless can speak. The dark night sky serves as a blacked out theater room and the lights used to illuminate the streets serve as spotlights for the objects that are never heard. The walk is a set of rants, cries, expressions of journeys, and thoughts that the things around us have and in the night they can finally speak their mind.

Listen to what a lonely abandoned building feels, the remains of a forgotten history, or what night herself has to say about her life's work. You will be the audience member meant to follow and hear them because one ever does. Walk into a new world and be present for those who can never have that option.

*This walk is best experienced at the start of the sunset into the night. Start at the middle of the bridge, peer at the beautiful sunset before you and wait for Night to start your journey.

For these set of echoes, to be part of the city and get a stronger connection to the story, please don't use noise canceling earbud /headphones

In addition, the zones are larger so you, the listener, can wander and take in the city. By all means go into the building, prop the scooter up, and touch the brick.


Ebben BlakeEbben Blake



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