Spiritual Destination

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Help a 138 year old soul named Heinz get to his final destination! His story started off in St. Louis, but he's been in Lincoln for over 100 years. He'll tell you the story of how he got here and why he needs to get far away.

In order to help him, you must come prepared with a bottle of water and an empty cup/mug. You will be shown how to use water as a means to transport spirits. Your job is to keep Heinz (who will be one with the water) in the cup until you get him to his destination. Heinz had heard spirits, just like you. However, he listened to the wrong ones, and was led into a dark place. He was saved by a woman named Anna, and he fell in love. Their goal was to get out to the West, but their idea did not go according to plan.

If you accept the challenge of being Heinz's transporter, begin this journey outside the Temple Theater building. From there, Heinz will tell you where to go. You do not need to enter another world full aliens and monsters, you simply need to accept the fact that there are souls living in your environment.

Tips: 1. Where comfortable shoes. This walk will be about 0.6 miles. 2. Headphones are recommended. They do not need to be noise canceling headphones. In fact, headphones that let in environment sounds will be safer and will reinforce the story. 3. Bring water and a cup/mug. Heinz will show you what these will be used for.

Voice Credits: - Heinz : Micah Fullinfaw - Mr. Kelly : Micah Fullinfaw - Anna : Tori Cocannouer




The Echoes

1 - Encounter & pick up

Listen to this outside the Temple Building.

2 - Explanation

3 - Spirits

4 - Mr. Kelly

5 - Robbery

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