Dying of Thirst

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Lincoln is in a state of peril. The Schwazler mafia crime syndicate has been extending their control across the city for the past few years. No one is safe, and the streets are a hotbed for protest and criminal activity. As one of the Lincoln Journal Star's premiere journalists, you have been assigned to investigate the mafia family to uncover secret hideouts with a former partner, Spencer Adler. You will have to work together in order to have any shot at bringing the Schwazlers down. Be safe, and good luck.

INSTRUCTIONS/TIPS: 1. For the best results, start the experience as the sun is beginning to set and it begins to become dark outside. If playing in late October/early November, 6:30p.m. is a wonderful time to start your experience. 2. This experience is best played on a mobile phone. Use the device to guide you between the echoes when needed, and use it to capture pictures when told to do so. 3. Echo locations are numbered in the order you should visit them. 4. Each echo will only play once, so as soon as each one is finished you can move to the next location. 5. This experience features sound effects that replicate guns, drinking alcohol, and screaming. If any of these would be potentially triggering noises, this is not the experience for you. 6. This experience will take you through various downtown areas of Lincoln. While you should focus on the audio coming from echoes when you reach each location, always be aware of other people and vehicles, as the downtown area can become busy. 7. This experience is designed for one person. However, feel free to enjoy it together with multiple people at once; you will all just need separate mobile phones and headphones. 8. It is vital to bring comfortable walking shoes. 9. Headphones are required... you wouldn't want the Schwazlers to overhear you and Adler, would you? 10. Stay safe, and have fun!

CREDITS: All sound effects and music courtesy of Artlist.io. Character voices provided by Edison Geiler, Matt Geiler, and Brannon Evans. Images for cover photo courtesy of PxHere.




The Echoes

1. The Dastardly Schwazlers

An important news brief details how the infamous Schwazler mafia family has been terrorizing Lincoln…

2. A Special Assignment

Your head editor Sam Bradley talks to you and fellow reporter Spencer Adler about a special investig…

3. The LeadBelly Massacre

Adler meets you at the first spot for the assignment, and recollects a particularly horrific Schwazl…

4. Three Dead Detectives and One Bitter Partner

After examining The LeadBelly, you and Adler meet at the second location given to you by Bradley.

5. The Stench of Failure

Adler grows frustrated with the lack of ledes for the assignment, before he receives an anonymous ca…

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