The Seventh Tape

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Hello! Welcome to my Story Lab Geolocative Audio Experience.

DESCRIPTION: Through this experience, you will meet Charlie and Robert: A team of famous ghost investigators. Mary Dietrich, a young women who has just moved into a house with her husband, reaches out to the ghost investigators and pleas for them to have her house investigated after finding a set of disturbing cassette tapes in the basement. Charlie takes on the report and listens to the tapes. Experience each tape with Charlie and discover the horrors that lie in Mary's House. Beware listener.

TIPS/REMINDERS: 1. To get the full impact of this experience headphones are HIGHLY recommended 2. It is also highly recommended that you stream this walk when it is getting dark outside 3. Each sculpture is one tape: Try and get as close as you can to the sculptures found at each echo and make your self comfortable (sit, lay down, or stand) 4. To get fully involved, keep your device on in your hand and use it as a guide 5. Follow the path and do your best to stay inside the highlighted zones 6. Each echo will play once, so when it ends KEEP WALKING FORWARD 7. Once you finish the last echo your experience is over... Feel free to experience it as many times as you want

VOICE CREDITS: - Laynie Berkey as Mary Dietrich - Eddie Geiler as Charlie - Jeremiah Booth as Robert


Hannah Gish
Hannah Gish



The Echoes

A Serious Phone Call

Charlie and Robert, a team of famous ghost investigators, receive a voicemail from a young woman nam…

It's Just Getting Started (Music)

A Lovely Family

Charlie listens to the first tape.

The Beginning (Music)

A Night Horror

Things start to pick up in the second tap that Charlie listens too.

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