Down by the dusk

room 3 ECHOES

Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang, China

People say that time heals everything because it urges you to be different from what you are. But there is no joy in struggle, I never appreciate that pain can make me stronger, that's not true. It is the thought which after we have been through the struggle, that will make us stronger.

Almost four years ago, I had depression and had no idea what the meaning of time was. Ever since then, life just became a chaos for me, noise, bulimia, and anger. However, sunset is the most beautiful view during the day and dusk is my only peaceful time of the day. Normally, sunset colors can still be very dramatic, especially when the atmosphere is clear and the sun is viewed very near the horizon. I think because We are usually not aware of the passage of time. The sun is sinking in the west. But when we stand and stare at the sunset, this is a rare way to communicate with the earth, a few minutes of contemplation on the nature of time and space. So, four years later, I am a university student who studies abroad in Canada and fights with covid-19 alone. This moment makes me think a lot.

Thousands of millions of people are living in struggle. But they can't think about the challenges of life because there are endless problems in life alone. Society always talks about fairness and justice, but there should be no such four words in their lives. After all, there is no strength to hold a job, and there is no strength to talk about what they have.

So, we have all the time in the world, time enough for life to unfold.


Yi GaoYi Gao



The Echoes


I was born in here and deeply love this city.


where I started my university life and fight with cover-19 alone


where I really want to spend real of my life in here

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