Haileybury Remembers "11 November 2020"

room 32 ECHOES

Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

More than 1,100 Haileyburians were killed in both of the World Wars, and more have died in other conflicts since then.

List of poems:

In Memoriam by Anna Akhmatova (read by Freddie Baylis, Anastasia Tikhturova and Francesca Arici)

The Messages by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (read by Cagla Eriuce)

On Seeing a Poet of the First World War at Abbeville, Charles Causley (read by Lilibet Philpott and Hadrien Moortgat)

Since they have died (1917) by May Wedderburn Cannnan (read by Pia Ganske)

August 1914 , Isaac Rosenberg (read by Stuart Cuff)

The Last Post by Louie Carvacho (memory of 2017 Remembrance Ceremony)

Exposure by Wilfred Owen (read by Maria Giles)

“There will come soft rains” by Sara Teasdale (read by Franziska Friedrich and Aniek Blok)

The Soldier by Ruper Brooke (read by Alessio Yu)

‘Going Over’ by Charles G.D. Roberts (read by Honor Harding)

To Germany by Charles Hamilton Sorley read by Dr. Lucy Johnson

Setting out by Ernst Stadler read by Alex Ritter von Kempski

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae(1915) read by Rosanna Parry

Easter Monday (1917) by Eleanor Farjeon read by Costanza Lorini

The Gift of India, Sarojini Naidu read by Hannah Koon

Tristes Guerras by Miguel Hernandez read by Mr. José Martinez

Fragment by Rupert Brooke read by Zara Kolberg

In Flanders Fields, John McCrae read by Mr. Fergus Hardy

There will come soft rains by Sara Teasdale read by Giorgia Cocumelli and Karolin Vocke

Easter Monday, Eleanor Farjeon read by Flora Salzer

Death of Harry Patch by Andrew Motion read by Luca Baumgardt

Fratelli by Giuseppe Ungaretti read by Guendalina Spigarelli

Para la Libertad by Miguel Hernandez read by Mr. José Martinez

To one dead by Francis Ledwidge read by Carolin Luisa Lange

A Century Later by Imtiaz Dharker read by Elena Coppola

Picnic (1917) by Rose Macaulay read by Amelie Garnies

Last Post by Carol Ann Duffy read by Dr. Alan Bates


Giovanna Iorio's Sound WalksGiovanna Iorio's Sound Walks

I am a sound artist and I live in UK. I am the founder of the Poetry Sound Library, and archive that preserve the voices of poets from past and present. I research ways to link poetry to the landscape. My sound walks are in UK and around the world. "Voice of Trees" is a sound walk to discover the voices of the most important poets from the Poetry Sound Library archive: monumental trees receive a poet's voice and they become part of an inspiring sound installation. Website & Info: https://thevoiceoftrees.weebly.com/ https://poetrysoundlibrary.weebly.com/



The Echoes

Since they have died by May Wedderburn Cannnan

Since they have died’ (1917) May Wedderburn Cannan Since they have died to give us gentleness, And…

August 1914 by Isaac Rosenberg

August 1914 (1916) Isaac Rosenberg Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Links Off What in our lives is b…

The Messages by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

I cannot quite remember…There were five Dropt dead beside me in the trench—and three Whispered their…

On Seeing a Poet of the First World War at Abbeville by Charles Causley

POET, cast your careful eye Where the beached songs of summer lie, White fell the wave that splinter…

In Memoriam, July 19, 1914 by Anna Akhmatova

In Memoriam, July 19, 1914 (1917) Anna Akhmatova We aged a hundred years and this descended In jus…

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