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This sone (zone, in English), is a site specific exploration for the exhibition “The Ocean” at Bergen Kunsthall, 28. August 2021 — 31. October 2021. There is research material displayed at the Kunsthall exhibition, as well as many other interesting works by over 20 contributors.

Sone 2 is presented in the form of a guided tour, a Bergenser tells local histories using the moving in and out of Bergen via the sea as a departure point. Via oceans, we will examine the historical presence and impact of diasporic peoples in Bergen. This ‘sone’ invites audiences to visit three places in the city: Narvesen Rundetårnet on Torget, Sukkerhusgaten at Nøstet, where sugar arrived from the Carribean colonies, and Thormøhlens gate in Møhlenpris, named after a Bergen merchant who strongly influenced the Danish-Norwegian slave trade.

Project development: Sheila Feruzi, Christa Mako Teigen Sound: Ahmet Tolga Balci Creative writing consultant: John Mukaya, Marcus McLeggon Voice acting: Marcus McLeggon (Dryppkollektivet) Research: Nora Mohammed, Adam H. Moshi Artistic consultant: Amber Ablett

Vuma Projects Team: Christa Mako Teigen, Sheila Feruzi, Majenneh Dukuly

Version 28.08.2021

VUMA team
VUMA team



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A Stowaway

1888: A stowaway from the Caribbean island of St. Thomas arrives in Bergen. Where the Narvessen sta…

From Bergen to Aldebra

1879: 47 Bergensers left this harbor to colonise an “unpossessed” island rumoured to be awash with g…


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