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An immersive AR Soundscape designed to replicate the sounds predominantly rooted within a hiking trail, amongst an ambiance of pure organic materials- ironically constructed with recordings of synthetic/ artificial sounds that have been edited to mirror the qualities and masquerade as the organic sounds of nature. As you make your way through you will be greeted by a rushing stream of water that lures you into a veiled cavity within the forest that encapsulates you, sheltering you amidst a curtain of tall trees lined with shrubs that stretch around the border of this organic cavern.

These establishing sounds are designed to parallel "The Grotto", situated in the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens. I've chosen this location because I felt it materialized my concept quite effectively. I wanted a place where the transition from a completely undisturbed organic space to a heavily industrialized environment would be fairly stark, and therefore intensify my intent by emphasizing the illusionary qualities of my composition.

Upon initiating these initial recordings, it begins to sprinkle with"rain" before thundering down in a heavy gush. The skies begin clearing as you edge the conclusion of the walk nearing the exit of the grotto which leads you to a completely juxtaposed setting of a cityscape with tall grey buildings that stretch across the horizon. As you enter the footpath and conclude your walk, you will approach a crossing, simultaneously the familiar sounds of a "beg beeper", posing as a sort of alarm to awaken you from this trance to meet the industrialized reality awaiting you ahead.

This soundscape is developed with the intent to allude to the growing environmental calamities specifically with regards to its acceleration through human involvement; poverty and food waste, pollution, overuse of greenhouse gasses, etc. which is paralleled with the "industrial" synthetic sounds, that are used to replicate the organic sounds that they pose as, (and landscape awaiting you at the conclusion of the walk) highlighting inaccuracy and impaired attempts to replicate or restore them. Ideally, the intent is not to educate what we already know, but to stress the imperativeness of taking action whilst there still is time.



The Echoes

AR soundscape (Echos)

The soundscape begins with the crunching noise of footsteps on a sand/gravel path. As you edge clos…

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