Talking to plants (Kew Gardens, London)

room 12 ECHOES

Richmond, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

A walk in the wonderful Kew Gardens listening to poems, sounds and music from archives and collections.

You will find yourself immersed into a touching reality.

This sound walk will make you laugh, think, reflect, forget. You will feel happy, sad, nostalgic, euphoric.

Well known artists or unknown performers will accompany you in a journey through the garden echoes of voices taken from the past and present.

Concept and idea by sound artist Giovanna Iorio.

The images are Voice Portraits, spectrograms of voices by Giovanna Iorio

This is a Creative Commons project and it's a free project with the purpose to share culture and knowledge.


Giovanna Iorio's Sound WalksGiovanna Iorio's Sound Walks

I am a sound artist and I live in UK. I am the founder of the Poetry Sound Library, and archive that preserve the voices of poets from past and present. I research ways to link poetry to the landscape. My sound walks are in UK and around the world. "Voice of Trees" is a sound walk to discover the voices of the most important poets from the Poetry Sound Library archive: monumental trees receive a poet's voice and they become part of an inspiring sound installation. Website & Info:



The Echoes

Talk to plants

Album: Plant Talk/Sound Advice Label: Plant Talk Productions Credits: Molly Roth (Voice) & Jim Brick…

Two women singing

The Time Of The Singing Of The Birds

Mr. Sound Effects

"Mr. Sound Effects" uses his remarkable talent to give the world what it needs - laughter, And that'…

Care & Feeding of houseplants

Sound Advice on the care & feeding of houseplants Molly Roth Date: 1976

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