In the Window, Underwater

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New Rochelle, New York, United States

In the Window, Underwater is a sound walk in the city of New Rochelle, NY. The piece explores urban renewal and economic change through interviews, sound design, and music. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure audio podcast where your physical location in the city changes what you hear.

While there are a lot of historical accounts presented in this work, it is not a documentary and is not meant to be educational. Also, just because it is meant to be experienced in downtown New Rochelle, it is not a guide to the city. In fact, many of the accounts take place in other locations. You are the guide in your own experience and your navigation will determine what you hear.

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Mike ClemowMike Clemow

Michael Clemow is a conceptual sound artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His practice is focused around the idea of listening as a creative act and explores the positions of listening and being listened to and what it means to know-with-the-ear. He makes installations, interventions and performances using field recordings, photographs, and objects, placing the artist, or the audience in some relationship with the act of listening, often specific to a particular site or sites.



The Echoes

Train Station

Barbara Davis, New Rochelle City Historian, talks about the old train station building, where I live…

The Flood of Change

My father, Craig Clemow, talks about the family store, a haberdashery, in Plymouth, PA and the Great…

Library Green & The Peanut Gallery

Barbara Davis talks about the Library Green park and the downtown overlay. Craig Clemow discusses ch…

New Rochelle

Barbara Davis talks about why she moved to New Rochelle. (7:46)

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